John Heard needs your help

I sincerely appreciate your financial support. Please also contact my campaign if you would like to volunteer, or if you would like a yard sign.

To contribute, send a check to:
John Heard for Commissioner
PO Box 1521
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Please note that contributions are not tax-deductible. Please include the name, address and occupation of the contributor, as it is needed for disclosures of $101.00 or more.

Contributions (check or online) are limited to

  • $ 2,400.00 for a primary election

  • $ 1,200.00 for a primary run-off election

  • $ 2,400.00 for a general election

  • $ 1,200.00 for a general run-off election


We need your help to get in touch with Gwinnett District 4 voters!  In the coming weeks, we need help knocking on doors, hosting a “meet and greet” in your home, passing out campaign literature and yard signs, and writing letters to your friends in District 4 about why you support John Heard for Commissioner.  Come be a part of a great campaign!

Email the campaign at to find out about volunteer opportunities!

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