John Heard Keeps His Promises

When John Heard began his political career, he made several heartfelt promises:

  1. Open Government - In Gwinnett County, all requests for government records (Freedom of Information Act) are honored within 48 hours.  John prides himself in open government because an open government is an honest government.

  2. An Open Door Policy - John personally answers all letters, emails and phone calls from the people of Gwinnett County.  He has published his cell phone on all campaign material.  You elected John Heard not his voice mail.

  3. Fiscal Responsibility - John Heard is proud that Gwinnett County is a "pay as you go" county and there is no bonded indebtedness.  All projects are paid out of current funds and Gwinnett has a AAA (the very best) credit rating.

  4. Low Taxes - John Heard is committed to be the LOW TAX Commissioner.  He squeezes tax dollars and has kept Gwinnett's property taxes among the lowest in the Metro area.

John Heard is most importantly a family man. He knows decisions he makes today will have an impact on his children and grandchildren.  He is unwilling to risk future consequences for short term gain.  His record proves it.

He Gets Things Done