Creating a pro-business climate to attract high-paying, quality jobs is the Gwinnett Board of Commissioners top priority led by Commissioner John Heard.  We have streamlined the building permit and business licensing processes. We keep taxes among the lowest in the Metro area.  We work closely with the Chamber of Commerce and most importantly, have let the business community know the WELCOME MAT is out.

By making Gwinnett an inviting business environment, we have attracted jobs allowing over 70% of the people living in Gwinnett to work in Gwinnett.

Our government does not do the work of private business.  We can create pro-business conditions, get out of the way and let businesses thrive.

We are committed, determined and dedicated to keeping Gwinnett the best place to do business in Georgia, the USA and yes, the world.   

John Heard
District 4 Commissioner

He Gets Things Done